Semi-manufactured products for further production
We deliver a lot of different special products with vegetables, herbs and spices.
With other words: We deliver exactly the product you want - and we are always ready to develop new exiting products in cooperation with our customers.

Raw preserved vegetables ...

The Garlic ...

With our experience within cutting and raw preservation of vegetables, we know what it means to deliver the best products to our industrial customers.

At Appetit we manufacture, among other things,
Garlic is imported from The East where the garlic is cultivated in selected areas. Here the ground is rich on the minerals and trace elements that gives the product its characteristic taste.

We deliver a wide range of garlic variants:

Horse radish, mixed

Garlic cloves
Garlic in dices
Garlic in sticks
Garlic in flakes
Crushed Garlic

- that is further manufactured to ex. remoulade, coleslaw, tzaziki or packed in retail units.

In our range are also raw vegetable salads, as Hawaii Salad and Pineapple/Orange Salad.

The vegetables we get delivered from approved farmers and an effective distribution from day to day ensure fresh raw materials.

Our very popular product Crushed garlic, produced from 100% fresh garlic. the product is crushed in sizes as you wish. A light golden puré product with a characteristic strong aroma of garlic.
Appetit's Crushed garlic is suitable to ex. sauces, salad dressings, marinades, delicatessens, butter, cheese- and bread products.