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Garlic is imported from The East where the garlic is cultivated in selected areas. At our factory, the garlic goes through an 8 - 10 days process, to grow the wanted mild and crisp flavour. The garlic is added different spices and marinades to give our products different characteristics and flavour.Our product range is:

Garlic Cloves, Natural
Garlic Gloves, Provance (oregon and parsley)
Garlic Cloves, Spanish (curry)
Garlic Cloves, Dill
Garlic Cloves, Chilli

With a large range of flavour variants, we have done it easier to make variations in the salad buffet.

We deliver in 1500 g or 5000 g packing.

A product made of 100% fresh garlic. We have done the hard work for the chef to handle garlic in the kitchen. No waste of good raw materials and no earth bacterial.

Crushed garlic can be used in for ex. pot meals, salads, dressings or baking - with other words, wherever you want the pure garlic taste.
Easy slope - an indispensable product.

Delivered in 500 g, 600 g or 1000 g packing

Appetit's Chili Product ...

A product containing garlic, chilli and tomato. Can be used in all kinds of meals and as topping to pizza, where an appetizing odour and taste is wanted. Available in both a mild and a hot variant.

Delivered in 500 g or 1000 g packing.

All our manufacturing processes take place under strictly attendance and are building of many years experience
- your guarantee for homogeneous taste and quality.